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This little side project of mine started some nine or more years ago during my Freshman year of college at Purdue University in 1996. Don't think me dark or "gothic" because of the nature of the title. My name is Andrew Grimm and thus I took the name "Reaper" for obvious reasons and dubbed my site my "hole" as in hovel or home. Back then I barely understood what the scope of html design would entail nor did I comprehend what role computers, network, or web design would eventually play in my life. From touring Europe with an honors choir in the summer of 1996 to an internship with Walt Disney World in 1999 to an almost unimaginable trek through various parts of the United States, I have managed to experience a great deal in my short life and only hope to see more of the world and what it has to offer.

English Education Major (1996 - 2002, Purdue / Ball State)

During my college studies I discovered one very important thing which changed the course of my entire life; I have absolutely no aspiration to teach in public school systems whatsoever. At one point in time I was convinced that it was the only way to go. The lone thing I considered to be outside the quotidian in my personally foreseen future was obligating myself to anything but the education of others. During a brief but enlightening tour de insanity with a school system in Indiana, I quickly discovered my tremendous disinterest in disarming school students and trying to explain to teenagers the insulting nature of wearing white shoe laces in black combat boots. Yes I do still want to help and educate, but I do not want to do so in that particular environment.

As I had invested a considerable amount of my time and college credits in education, I was quite at an understandable loss when I concluded that it would be in my best interests to leave my major and, subsequently, my school. My search for a better and more prosperous beginning started with a set of criteria that I felt could not be compromised. I needed to be able to finish the first leg of my studies within a year yet be able to further my education afterwards while moving into the area of my degree. I very much desired something that would allow me to continue my travels and interests while maintaining a strong GPA and never compromising my education. Lastly, my next area of study needed to be something I not only wanted to do but already enjoyed quite a bit.

Kaplan College, The Logical Conclusion (It Major, graduating fall of '04)

As previously stated, I have maintained a site ( for years. I also have build many (well over a dozen) computer systems as well as upgraded and maintained my own systems. Another hobby of mine was playing with some forms of networking.

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These hobbie of mine quickly became my new educational focus. I researched several online schools and I also looked into a few local options. In terms of corporate respect and educational value I found there to be a remarkably short list of online educational options. Kaplan College was soon discovered as a member of an elite league of schools which offered only one other prominent name, the University of Phoenix Online.

Although both schools offered quite a bit in every aspect of what I desired for myself and my future, I eventually decided to go with Kaplan College over the University of Phoenix. I have enjoyed the last two years with Kaplan and currently boast a GPA above a 3.8 on a 4.0 scale. Since joining Kaplan I have attended every possible semester and have never taken a semester for rest or relaxation which included the summer sessions. I am committed to my future and to the future of whatever company I end up serving and am intensely dedicated. I will do anything I can to prove my dedication and my desire to be the most intelligent hire any human resource manager could possibly make. I want to make the person who hires me proud of themselves for having chosen me.

I bring with me real world experience in life and a strong level of maturity through having financially supported myself through college and through my own travels. I am remarkably level headed for a person in their 20's and am ready to make the difference in the team of people I will eventually work with and for.

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